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Free DVD Program FAQ

Free DVD with Any Order Over $30

Free DVD Giveaway Program

 Question:  How many Free DVDs per order can I get?
 Answer:  You get one Free DVD per order, but you can place as many orders as you like and get one Free DVD per order unlimited times.
 Question:  Are these all the Free DVDs there are to choose from?
 Answer:  All the DVDs that are currently available for the category you are ordering from are displayed in the Free DVD window at check out.  You can click the refresh button unlimited times to see more choices.
 Question:  Does the Free DVD given by add any cost to the order at all including any extra shipping cost?
 Answer:  NO, not at all. Zero
 Question:  Do International customers (outside of USA) get a Free DVD with orders over $30 at
 Answer:   Yes! All of our International customers are treated the same as the ones here in North America and all of our customers get the same region free Free DVDs with orders, Free Shipping*, Largest Selection of Action Sports Videos in the world (we are the source to the world) and the lowest prices in the industry just like everybody else.
 Question:  Will these Free DVDs be available forever and will the Free DVD program last forever?
 Answer:  NO, so jump on these Great Free DVDs while stock levels last!